Launch Party Success!!

On July 21st 2019 in Historical Five Points Downtown Denver, The Homegrown Capitol Tours, also known as “THCT”, launched their debut event for the local artists of all genres in Denver and the surrounding areas. Being brought into fruition by a local artist himself with not many business connections, the initial concept of this type a showcase took close to over a year to prepare for. The acts were screened through auditions. Not all of them, but around 90%. The promotion was free. It still is. The main goal was to create a genuine outlet for artists to grow as their own brand, as well as earn a great reputation within the city for “THCT”. Many people said that bringing multiple genres together would not work and would clash. It was found out that as long as your acts are picked carefully the result very well can be the opposite. Many obstacles were faced leading up to the event such as those typical to a brand new showcase with no prior reviews to go on. None the less, it was successful without a hitch! With the help of a local band named “People Corrupting People” as well as a great partner in production who just happened to be an awesome DJ as well (THERMXKNG), the founder was able to deliver a great show. Now, the next event is being set. The brand is expanding. Last but not least, new local Denver artists will be getting the attention they deserve.