You shouldn't compare yourself to other artists..

Don’t compare yourself to others. It leads to no personal growth.

Even if you feel like you cant be topped, musically or creatively, there will always be others who feel they can top you. Remember, music is meant to be heard and yours isn’t the only music out there. People will listen to and like other artist’s more than you. It is bound to happen. You don’t want to stunt your personal growth worrying about such things. If you constant;y feel negative, may even envious, about another artist’s content, how can you effectively feel positive emotions about your own?

A win is a win. Even a small victory is still a victory. You should see it for what it is and not just for what it looks like. You should celebrate each and every one publicly or in private. It certainly will have a positive effect on your mind.

You should recognize the achievements of others as well. Even if you aren’t happy for someone else, trying to be ,sincerely, build character. The fact of the matter is, you wont stay in first place forever. Therefore, you should congratulate others who’s work ethic rivals your own. Eventually you will feel genuine about it and benefit from the growth and worthy competition. Ultimately you will evolve.

Opportunities come and go. Even if it seems like other artists get more stage time than you be patient. Your time will come. Not landing one opportunity just means that you are free for the very next. Don’t let us and keep on working hard. It will all pay off in the end.

Be humble. Talking down on someone is not necessary for your growth and development, Very often it is a sign of insecurity and envy. Be grateful for your fans that you do have and just enjoy the music. Learn all that you can from your peers around you and find that star deep within. Remember there is a thin line between hate and critique.

Stay in your lane and be yourself. Only you can be you the best. You will surely fail trying to mimic someone else. Only they can be them. Once you fully recognize your own unique traits and talent, you won’t feel the need to try and copy someone else. Let your passion fuel your motive and drive, and you will travel further today than you did yesterday.

We are all looking to grow. Grow with us!

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